Drinking Tea for Weight Loss

Dr. Oz: The best teas for weight loss

Looking to lose weight? Weight loss teas then it's time for tea. The benefits of drinking tea are well known. Both black and green tea are rich in antioxidants that help fight heart disease and cancer. Many experts also recommend green tea as a weight loss aid. But do not stop there. There are other teas that can help you lose kilos, weight loss teas including one who worked for Jessica Simpson. Sharecare natural medicine expert Bryce Wylde, says drinking tea thesis oven at certain times of day, weight loss teas can be an important part of your weight loss program year.

Start your day with a cup (or two) of Pu-erh tea from eastern China. Weight loss teas pu-erh tea contains an ingredient activating enzyme actually shrinking fat tissue. Weight loss teas is aussi contains high levels of gallic acid, all that is believed to inhibit fat absorption. The tea is fermented and offers a light flavor, soft and slightly earthy. It contains half the caffeine of coffee, so you can enjoy an extra cup without getting the jitters. Weight loss teas jessica Simpson drank tea as its share of well-publicized weight loss regime in 2010.

What should you drink at lunch to burn fat I am your sandwich or fries? White tea. It has a delicate mild flavor that blends well with almost anything, weight loss teas and contains EGCG, all of which helps the body metabolize fat more efficiently and helps block fat absorption. In addition to the weight loss benefits of white tea, weight loss teas which contains L-theanine aussi, all of which helps reduce stress while promoting concentration, just what you need as they prepare for a busy afternoon. Try two cups with the midday meal.

Take a break in the afternoon and enjoy a cup of tea chickweed. Weight loss teas this herbal tea with light fruity contains magnesium and potassium and acts as a mild diuretic, weight loss teas helping to lose some water weight and bloating afternoon battle. Mild laxative effect chickweed tea can help the body eliminate toxins. Weight loss teas enjoy a cup per day.

Blueberry tea is the tea duty the night of the election. Blueberries, loaded with antioxidants, help reduce levels of blood sugar and naturally sweet flavor, so a night cap can prevent it coming to the box of cookies that call to you from the cabinet. There is no caffeine, so it is ideal as an evening drink. Drink a cup every night.

Think you know a thing or two about tea? Test your intelligence, having tea Tea Time questionnaire.

You have a favorite tea to help with a health problem? Let us know in the comments.

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