Glucophage Weight Loss - How it Works and the Side Effects

It is used to treat diabetes , glucophage weight loss glucophage , more commonly known by its brand metformin now advertised as a weight loss pill . Glucophage is used to treat type II diabetes , a condition in which the body does not produce enough insulin or ignores insulin is produced , leaving an excess of glucose in the blood type. This can pose a risk to their health , including damage to the kidneys , eyes , glucophage weight loss nerves and heart.

This condition is also linked to obesity , glucophage weight loss high cholesterol and blood pressure . The number of patients with diabetes is increasing in recent years and a call for good food and medicines you were given in various media . Diabetes can be managed not only good food but also the administration of drugs .

Glucophage is one of the drugs given to people with type II diabetes. Help patients to control high levels of blood sugar in the body, with a healthy diet and exercise program. The disadvantage of this drug varies from as stomach , nausea , glucophage weight loss metallic taste in the mouth and diarrhea.

Several studies show that the drug not only diabetes but also helps non-diabetics to lose weight to reduce hunger. Weight loss Glucophage works by reducing glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity , glucophage weight loss which leads to feeling less frequent and less likely to overeat hungry. This pill is prescribed by many nutritionists and obesity experts to facilitate weight loss .

In a recent study from the Medical University , glucophage weight loss about eighty percent of women who took metformin, while on a low carb diet provided approximately ten percent of their body weight in one year. In addition, more than ninety percent of women who have lost ten percent of your body weight keeps your weight after four years. Although there is an ongoing debate about the safety of using as a weight loss pill glucophage, glucophage weight loss the best way to determine if this is right for you is to consult your doctor.

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