Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's Weight-Loss Secrets

We sat down with Patti Stanger Millionaire Matchmaker and were impressed with its shaped silhouette . Patti stanger weight loss so before he sprayed dating questions that we just had to know how she lost the weight and how was the meeting . The style that Patti has retained nothing . Learn how the star of reality TV really lose weight and how to keep their distance patti stanger weight loss .

Form: You recently lost weight and have achieved resume . What finally clicked and decided to lose weight for good patti stanger weight loss ?

Patti Stanger : What finally clicked , patti stanger weight loss I'm single . It is not easy to date when it is heavy. Also, I 'm thin because it makes me feel the love .

SHAPE: How did you do ?

Patti Stanger : The first thing I did was I decided to take a personal inventory of my fridge and I threw all the shit . Even the frozen section , patti stanger weight loss because we forget that all the time . If you have those moments when you're jonesing for macaroni and cheese 'out of reach . Then I went gluten-free, patti stanger weight loss and it helped me with my headaches . The third thing I did was reboot my Precor [ elliptical ] . He picked up the dust with clothes on top of it. I also made a rule, a TV show that I love , like religion , patti stanger weight loss can not be seen, except that I was on the Precor at least once a day .

FORM : What's your best advice for weight maintenance ?

Patti Stanger : My best advice is to cheat once a week and can be a meal . I do not cheat all day .

FORM : What is the madness of foods you can not resist ?

Patti Stanger : Pasta My favorite would be crazy without gluten. Either I'm a total addict truffle truffle mac and cheese.

METHOD : We know you love S Factor ( workout pole dance ) , patti stanger weight loss these are some of your other favorite workouts ?

Patti Stanger : I'm a dancer so anything related to dance I like to do . I also tried Zumba last week. This thing is hard! 15 minutes in I went for a water break . It was not easy !

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