Breastfeeding and Weight Loss - Is it Possible?

The problem - baby weight

Breastfeeding and weight loss every new mom fears the only major problem that arises as an inevitable side effect of pregnancy - . That damn "extra baby weight " Every pregnant woman gets a bit more , and every new mom wants to know the best way to get rid of it ... and fast. Sometimes it's only a couple of kilos more , sometimes feels like the fat fairy came and hit the ball. But anyway , you want to know how you find yourself in these clothes before pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss stretch pants and hang for good ( or at least until the next party. ) the good news is that the extra weight of the baby can be easily melted . If you're really worried about it I bet you've never heard of the relationship between breastfeeding and weight loss .

The solution - Breastfeeding

There is a solution . It's quick , breastfeeding and weight loss safe , and best of all very natural. In fact, this is the way they were designed to achieve weight loss after pregnancy. This solution is breastfeeding. You see, breastfeeding and weight loss go hand in hand . You may not know , but breastfeeding burns calories. According to this article on , breastfeeding burns 600 calories per day ! This is the equivalent of two hours of intense aerobic exercise.

Remember that you are still eating for two! breastfeeding and weight loss when you are breast feeding you something small, but growing like a weed . Your baby will double or triple their weight in just a few months and if you are exclusively breastfeeding, all this will come from your body. There were several women who say they eat like a horse and weight continues to fall. This is quite impressive and is really a showcase for the potential of breastfeeding and weight loss . So try it! It's good for your baby and for you BIG !

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