Lemonade Detox Diet's Recipe

The diet of choice in North America consists mainly of processed food with little or no nutritional value. Lemonade detox diet this common diet food exerts some pressure on our systems of waste disposal because there are so many that our bodies are designed to cope. One way to give the body a much needed help is to submit a lemon detox diet to cleanse the body and allow our systems to recover from the strain of a diet of processed foods lemonade detox diet.

The lemon detox diet is to substitute a mixture of water, lemon and other ingredients for solid time for food. Lemonade detox diet the specific time period may vary depending on your previous experience with detoxifying your body and achieve the results you expect.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

To prepare a glass of lemon drink that is used in the diet lemon detox, lemonade detox diet you will need two tablespoons of natural sweetener such as molasses or rice syrup, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper or ginger to taste. Fill the beaker containing these ingredients with cold or hot water and enjoy! Whenever you feel the urge to grab something to eat, a glass of lemon drink mix instead. For more effective results, lemonade detox diet try to consume six to nine glasses a day.

How long to keep the lemon detox diet?

The duration of the lemon detox diet will vary depending on your health, lemonade detox diet detoxification of prior experience and personal preferences. A complete detox healing takes at least seven to ten days. If you prefer a less strict version of the diet, lemonade detox diet you can replace two meals a day with lemon drink, lemonade detox diet and eat a full meal at lunchtime.

If you opt for this more lenient approach your detox program can last up to a month. You can also go on a maintenance plan that includes a detox day each week. This program may be easier for many people to follow, lemonade detox diet and gives satisfactory results.

The hardest part of the lemon detox diet is usually the mental component. It is very hard to think up for a period of time without solid food. However, if you can stay positive and stick to your diet lemon detox, lemonade detox diet you will see good results we encourage you to continue. Remember that at the end of the process, your body will be cleansed and renewed and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have set on the road to better health.

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