Sample Diabetic Diet

Proper diet is extremely important in the treatment of diabetes . Poor food choices and eating habits can worsen your condition and easily become a deadly disease. If you are willing to make adjustments to your diet for the sake of your health , sample diabetic diet  consider diabetic sample menus below and base their next meal plans in them.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the level of blood sugar or glucose in the body becomes increasingly larger. In type 1 diabetes , which is a result of the body's inability to produce the highest importance of the hormone insulin in the pancreas . In type 2 diabetes, your body is able to produce insulin , but produces less than necessary or is unable to maximize its production of insulin.

When not treated properly , sample diabetic diet  diabetes can cause damage to other parts of your body such as nerves , kidneys , eyes , and even your heart. It is not uncommon for diabetics who have one or more of its members amputees due to its state of disrepair.

If you have type 2 diabetes , diet is even more important. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes include, but are not limited to thirst and frequent urination , fatigue, and blurred vision. There are, however , sample diabetic diet  where no visible symptoms in all cases.

Recipe for a good diet for diabetics

Contrary to popular opinion, a diet should not be repetitive boring and tasteless. With a little creativity , sample diabetic diet  you can transform your diet into something as sumptuous as any normal diet.

A typical diabetic diet consists mainly of fruits , vegetables and whole grains, as well as a healthy mix of lean protein , sample diabetic diet  complex carbohydrates and healthy fats or unsaturated fatty acids. In general , your diet should be rich in nutrients and low in calories and cholesterol components .

It is best to plan several small meals a day than three large ones. Your meals should be evenly spaced along and taken at the same time so that your body gets used to your schedule.

If you have other problems such as obesity , sample diabetic diet  specific vitamin deficiencies, or hypertension, be sure to take this into account when planning your menu.

Learn to count calories and carbohydrates properly. This is not a form of obsession, but a secure and convenient way to ensure the effectiveness of your diet method. Learn how to tell you will enjoy a " trading system" - that is, sample diabetic diet  the substitution of certain foods in your diet with other food options to keep their interest in your diet.

Last but not least, sample diabetic diet  plan something simple and can easily sustain. And when you've done one, you promise that you care about her . This is for your own good anyway!

Sample menus for diabetics - Preview # 1

Breakfast. You can start with half a cup of blueberries, a cup of fat-free or at least low in fat and a little bran muffin . The rolls may be replaced with a different pulp , provided it has the same number of calories .

Brunch . Consider a healthy serving of spiced spinach salad for two tablespoons of your favorite dressing . Eat two ounces of breast low sodium or salt turkey dressed with two teaspoons of mustard, sample diabetic diet  sliced ​​tomatoes and a small portion of the lettuce leaves . Consume this with an orange and a cup of skim milk.

Snack . For snacks , sample diabetic diet  just eat a small banana or other fruit equivalent nutrients . Other snack could consist of twenty almonds, sample diabetic diet  a cup of coffee or tea to their preferred option with six ounces of low-fat yogurt is delicious with a touch of sucralose.

Cena. To end the day , sample diabetic diet  enjoy a meal with a quarter pound of shrimp grilled or sauteed with just a little olive oil, a cup of steamed broccoli, sample diabetic diet  a half cup of black beans, and ¾ cup the favorite whole wheat pasta .

Sample # 2

Breakfast. Start the day with two slices of toast flavor of whole wheat bread given by two tablespoons of peanut butter with a cup of coffee or tea and a small banana .

Brunch . Sandwich two teaspoons of mustard and three ounces of lean beef between a couple of whole wheat bread . Finish with a cup of steamed cauliflower and a cup of coffee or tea.

Snacks. To add variety , sample diabetic diet  consider dropping in a half cup of unsweetened apple with two tablespoons of chopped nuts and a cup of herbal tea. For your next meal , eat two cookies figs and a cup nonfat milk .

Cena. Opt for the two thirds of a cup of brown rice (cooked) , sample diabetic diet  a cup of your favorite vegetables , and three ounces of chicken sauteed in olive oil .

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