Low Fat Low Carb Diet for Quick Weight Loss

Thanks to raise more and more cases of people in developed Western countries plagued by obesity , diets , low fat low carb diet  and diets low in fat and low carbohydrate diets have become very popular. But before choosing any type of special diet , low fat low carb diet  you must make a comparative study of low-carb diets vs low-fat and become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Low-fat diet

This type of regime is trying to eliminate all kinds of foods high in fat and fat in lead to obesity, which can surely remove the butter , cream , dairy , peanut butter , nuts , junk food, fatty fatty calories laden foods etc.


Undoubtedly, promotes weight loss.
No increase in insulin content .
The calorie intake is reduced.
Cholesterol levels are reduced.
Bad fats are eliminated.

Risk related to obesity , low fat low carb diet  such as heart disease , heart failure , stroke, blockage of the vessels reduces diseases etc.

Makes the skin smooth, oil-free defects and prevents acne and pimples.
It also decreases the rate of mortality due to sudden death by heart disease.

It leads to easy digestion .


Restricting calorie intake 10% fat can be very difficult .
The skin is completely dry, low fat low carb diet  it is cracked , rough and wrinkled skin and quickly loses all its natural splendor .

The verdict of the experts

Low fat low carb diet  in a report of low carb diets low in carbohydrates to fat game tends to create less impact than the first .

Low Carb Diet

This is to reduce or minimize your consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates and starch, low fat low carb diet  and is recommended for people who are obese or have hyperinsulinemia contract.


The blood pressure is reduced.

The blood lipid profile is improved leading to lower cholesterol.
Insulin is reduced.

The levels of blood sugar stabilized Malthus also so it is a perfect diet for diabetics.

Weight loss is triggered constantly low fat low carb diet  .


Most varieties of fruits are cut regime Malthus Of this increase increase the chances of nutritional deficiency.

Supplements of vitamins and minerals should be taken regularly to make up for lack of nutrition.

Fiber supplements to be taken as well compensate_for_errors loss dietary fiber.

Different effects of long -term and short-term side , low fat low carb diet  like bad breath , constipation , hair loss , muscle cramps , fatigue , lethargy , lack of physical energy and spirit , reduced thinking, reasoning , analysis , slow work brain , dizziness building , etc. .

Malthus Both have their advantages and disadvantages, low fat low carb diet  but in a proportion of low-carb diets Diets low fat low compared , the former has always been more weight loss than the last.

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