Beyonce Knowles' Detox Drink - The Weight Loss Diet That Helped a Diva Slim Down

Actress and singer Beyonce Knowles is not only popular in television , beyonce detox diet  film and stage, but it is also known in the field of health and fitness. Your detox drink is very popular today due to your weight loss experience. She lost a total of 9 kg or 20 pounds in just 2 weeks . Your goal is to lose weight because of his great project for the movie Dream Girls , which is Deena Jones, beyonce detox diet  the lead singer of a Dreamettes . Dream Girls is a 1960 film where bands were inspired by the likes of Diana Ross and the Supremes beyonce detox diet  .

Is the detox drink Beyonce Knowles when she leaned on this drink to reach your weight loss goal . What is the weight loss diet that has helped slim diva ?

The ingredients are:

A. A pinch of cayenne pepper to taste
Two . 2 beyonce detox diet tablespoons lemon extract to be pure and freshly squeezed soup without additional preservatives
Three . 2 tablespoons of natural maple syrup should not be flavored beyonce detox diet
April . 8 ounces of fresh spring water

Now just mix , stir and serve hot or cold , depending on your preference . You should consume 8-10 glasses of drink in a day , beyonce detox diet  eight ounces per serving. The benefits of detox drink Beyonce Knowles are:

A. A mineral balance due to maple syrup flavor.
Two . Lemons are rich in vitamin C and potassium , which aids in digestion.
Three . Cayenne pepper helps to cleanse the body.

Although detox diet Beyonce Knowles is not recommended for everyone , it is good for those who are in rapid weight loss . Be sure to consult your doctor or an expert if you can do it consistently

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