The Best Diabetic Diet Means a Healthy Balanced Diet

Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin . This leads to high levels of blood sugar , which , best diabetic diet if unchecked results of complications related to diabetes. People with diabetes need to keep their glucose levels stable . It can be done by eating healthy foods appropriate amounts regularly . Health, balanced diet, low in fat, salt and sugar, and fruits , vegetables and whole grains - is the best diet for diabetics. If you look closely , best diabetic diet this recipe is not something special , best diabetic diet usually it's the same with a healthy diet of all. The difference lies in the fact that a person with diabetes should limit your calorie intake to control weight , best diabetic diet manage your blood sugar in the blood and reduces cholesterol in the body.

You can see the diabetic if you make healthy food choices for you and your food pyramid family . A diabetes food pyramid is divided into six groups consisting of breads , best diabetic diet cereals and other starchy foods , vegetables, fruits , milk and milk products, meat, meat substitutes and other proteins and fats , best diabetic diet oils and sweets . Cereals and crisp up the biggest part of the pyramid , which means that you should eat more of them than other foods in the pyramid. Fats and sweets should be the smallest part of your meals . Eat small portions of each food is also recommended if you suffer from diabetes. Even if you eat nutritious foods , best diabetic diet overeating can cause weight gain. Take note of parts , best diabetic diet which helps you manage your weight and sugar levels .

Knowing what to put on your plate. You should store your food pyramid so you can beat the best diet for you. The American Diabetes Association recommends the " plate method " for people who have no where to start in your diet. It works by creating an imaginary line on the plate , best diabetic diet the selection of food you want to eat , and best of all, enjoy your meal .

Here are the steps to get started:

A. Draw an imaginary line down the middle of your plate .

Two . Divide one side into three sections.

Three . In the larger section (the other half , which has not been divided into three ) , a non-starchy vegetables , such as spinach , carrots , lettuce , cabbage , green beans , vegetables broccoli , best diabetic diet onion and okra. Non-starchy vegetables contain more fiber then carbs.

April . In one of the three small sections , best diabetic diet put starchy foods such as whole grain bread , fiber-rich whole , rice , pasta , best diabetic diet potatoes, low-fat crackers or cereal grains . These are carbohydrates so be careful in choosing which to choose sources of starch. Three quarters to 1 cup of starch is considered sufficient.

May . In another small section , put your meat protein or meat substitutes such as chicken or turkey without the skin , fish, shellfish , lean cuts of pork beef , tofu , eggs or low fat cheese. When you choose this protein to put on your plate , best diabetic diet note the fat content of these foods.

6. Add a 8 oz glass of milk, nonfat or low. For those who have lactose intolerance , low calorie yogurt can be a good substitute. Dairy products are a good source of calcium and high quality protein . For dessert, best diabetic diet add a piece of fruit ½ cup of fruit salad.

It creates the best diet is not as complicated as what others think . As mentioned, there is still a healthy food choice for everyone.

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