Huge Fitness Myth Revealed

Being a health fanatic and personal trainer , I spend a lot of time to evolve Fitness. I see a lot of people at the gym, and unfortunately I have no time to fix things like shape and exercises. But one of the biggest mistakes I see people make in the gym is very simple.

Your workouts take too long ! A big mistake that the general public is under the assumption " more workouts are better. " This is a huge myth gym for many reasons, and I will describe some basic for you.

Most people, especially those who do not have much experience in the field of physics, can not physically take a training session of 60 minutes and more . This means that if your workout consists of running on the treadmill for an hour, then go ahead and do crunches , you are prone to injury. Unless you are an exceptional athlete , you need to radically change the length.

Recent studies have shown many negative effects of running on treadmills or elliptical do for long periods of time. This is because there is a constant pounding on the knees and ankles, and is simply too much for your typical gym enthusiast who is untrained or do not have experience of many fitness .

Personal trainers estimate that about 90 percent of customers looking to lose weight, evolve fitness   so I 'll use this stock for this item. Most people looking to lose weight will jump on the treadmill for an hour , evolve fitness burning 600 calories or more , maybe do some crunches and call a workout .

Unfortunately, this is not the way to go. Cardio is great for the cardiovascular system, and if you prepare to be a runner or a bath, evolve fitness by all means run your heart out! But I guess you're one of the 90 percent of the population of fitness looking to tone and lose weight.

Your body is decomposed into multiple systems. Think of it like this. We all know that Lance Armstrong ( won the toughest bicycle race , evolve fitness the Tour de France seven times) . Lanza formed the cardiovascular system and the muscular system to prepare for the race. He motorcycles and bicycles and while he was preparing to win his event year after year.

Lance Armstrong would win a marathon? Probably not . His body was not trained for this. His muscular and cardiovascular systems were trained for the grueling Tour de France, evolve fitness not a marathon.

Since it is likely that no training is , evolve fitness why lose an hour of your life on the treadmill and elliptical ? The solution : take a little weight , evolve fitness and make a progressive workout done at a faster pace. It will save a lot of time to work your entire body and burn as many calories.

Do not fall into a fitness myth. Get off the treadmill and take a little weight . The size of the masses is irrelevant. If you make a low weight with high repetitions and short rest , evolve fitness you will not loose but you will burn more calories and therefore burn more fat while reducing the risk of injury and improve their quality of life evolve fitness .

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