High Fat Low Carb Diet, for Weight Loss and Maintenance

Since the 1950s when Ancel Keys said that consumption of dietary fat actually leads to the conditions of obesity and heart people have been in a real low blow fat . It is common knowledge that a diet rich in grains , and vegetables is good for the whole body and definitely a healthy heart. The downside is that it is a lot of nonsense and I do not mean to snack popcorn .

This misconception that eating fat causes people to become fat Keys was invalidated by itself in the current study was used to validate the contrary . Confused yet? Well let's clarify . The study, which included 22 countries, has tried to reach a conclusion that there was a relationship between dietary fat ( especially saturated fat) and heart disease , high fat low carb diet high cholesterol and later went on to include cancer. Whew! That's a lot of bad things , right? Well seven of these countries with diets rich in fats , in fact, high fat low carb diet have a high incidence of heart disease. What is not said is that several countries who ate large amounts of fat had less heart disease than countries that do not eat fat.

His theory has been refuted there on the spot . So how do we come to believe their original views again? For threw the rest of the study and only gives the information that accompanies what he had tried to prove. High fat low carb diet one could examine more closely the schemes of these seven countries to see what they ate in common that may have been the cause of heart disease and that the data have no connection with the consumption of fats. He did not. Instead , high fat low carb diet he began the most ridiculous and harmful ideas you might have .

His inclination towards their own point of view , high fat low carb diet took the stage and conveyed the wrong information. Could we then examined this information and saw that he was biased / wrong and ignored or considered downright bad . Instead , high fat low carb diet we decided to pretend it was true and make the gospel of health and nutrition is concerned.

The end result - healthy substitute butter and milk fat with margarine , man made and oils or partially hydrogenated , high fat low carb diet low trans fat imitations ; scare people to eat real meat and fat food, make the pyramid reflect foods that people should eat 11 to 12 servings of grain products daily ( he actually said that you should eat more grains than vegetables !) . Doctors and medical associations began forcing scheme everyone with a problem of high cholesterol , high fat low carb diet heart disease or obesity. People still do not seem to lose weight. The fact is that the world , especially the United States, actually began to earn higher rates of obesity. Now we are one of the most fertile in the world .

The blame for a large country is squarely on the people and not the lack of information we have learned to follow . Now there is evidence that , in fact, high fat low carb diet there is no correlation between the intake of pure saturated fat and heart disease or high amounts of bad cholesterol. The actual information suggests hydrogenated oils, margarines , high fat low carb diet unhealthy trans fats and grains for the high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and heart disease. Tricky eh high fat low carb diet ?

Too much of anything can be bad for you and this is just my opinion (not scientifically proven ) but fearing fat and consumption of these scientific experiments being parade food only harm health. Do not be fooled any longer and / or endanger their lives and health at the cost of vitamins that can be found in meats, fatty fish and healthy fats like saturated meadow raising meat, lard, tallow, ghee , fish oil , high fat low carb diet the butter oil grazing organic virgin coconut oil . The brain wants to run fat and suffer. The best way to do it without feeling deprived is just eating little or no processed foods and eat as much food together , close to their original form as possible. I would limit and grain, but that's another article all high fat low carb diet .

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