What Is Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder?


Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects social and communication skills of a person. The autism spectrum disorders (ASD ) is a developmental disability that have all been caused by an abnormality in the brain that also affects social and communication skills of a person. Autism is known as a spectrum disorder which means that , spectrum fitness unlike many conditions and diseases no two patients have exactly the same symptoms. And the severity of the symptoms varies from one person to another for some relatively "normal" career, while others will be totally dependent on caregivers throughout their lives . Parents of children with autism or ASD children face many different challenges , spectrum fitness due to unusual signs of autism and ASD.

Signs of autism : Emotions and social skills

Many people have the impression that children with autism or ASD are insensitive and indifferent . This is due in large part to its inability to express emotions and interact in the same social level , as most people expect. Autistic children are as capable of love and feelings than people without disabilities , spectrum fitness but strive to show or express . Autism affects social skills of the child. Most children learn to speak properly and needed to edit your comments and observances social skills. Children with autism or ASD do not have this ability , spectrum fitness which means they can often miss exactly what they think without understanding that might offend someone . Autistic children also rarely eye contact , which can be unsettling for some people who see this behavior as suspicious or even rude . And autistic children are not big talkers and often not even answer questions when spoken by others. This can be difficult for parents of children with autism signs of autism can make a child seem lovable . Often , people will react negatively to them when they do not understand the reason for his behavior. There are many books like " How to teach life skills to children with autism or Asperger syndrome " and the software as "functional life skills / Rules of Conduct " that parents can use to help their children be more social spectrum fitness .

Signs of autism : Affection and Shares

An unfortunate myth that affects children with autism is that they have the condition. While this may be true for some , spectrum fitness most benefit of hugs and cuddles , especially those who feel closer as parents , grandparents, spectrum fitness siblings and teachers. Shares of autistic children can be a concern for many people as one of the signs of autism is in the same obsessive and repetitive movements. The rocker beating themselves and even strange to walk on tiptoe banging , spectrum fitness skip and jump can be worrisome for those not used to being around a child with autism. Books like "Aut - aerobics " teach autistic children moving through exercise and dance.

Signs of Autism : Learning and Development

The most difficult signs of autism can make life difficult with a child with autism. You can also make it difficult to predict what to expect of their learning and development . Autistic children are often surprised teachers and parents learn faster than their classmates on the particular skills , such as reading . However, spectrum fitness it can be daunting as quickly they learn something , spectrum fitness they can look just as quickly forget completely. They can also choose to do a simple task in the most monotonous and hard way. Every child is different and parents and teachers need to learn how to deal with their specific needs spectrum fitness.

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