Low Fat Diet Menu Reduces Common Skin Cancers

If you have a history of skin cancer or looking for ways to reduce your risk, low fat diet menu you may want to take a menu of low-fat diet , low fat diet menu says new study of Australia . The findings linking high fat intake to an increased risk of a form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma in those with a history of disease . The research appears in the journal International Journal of Cancer low fat diet menu.

" In addition to protecting the skin from sunlight , low fat diet menu people with a history of skin cancer could benefit from reducing their intake of total fat, " said Dr. I. Torukiri Ibiebele Medical Research Institute of Queensland, low fat diet menu Australia .

Although consumption of dietary fat is associated with skin cancer in the past, until now, was scarce , low fat diet menu the evidence against any link between the two .

The team studied the diets of 457 men , 600 women 25 to 75 years, calculating your daily intake of saturated , low fat diet menu monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty meats , fried foods , bread, and vegetables used in the kitchen.

All subjects lived in the subtropical region of Nambour , low fat diet menu Queensland, an area with a high exposure to ultraviolet rays . The findings raise even taking into account factors that might be related to cancer as a topic in which he lived and their level of exposure to sunlight .

Basic information about diet, skin color and sun exposure was collected using a questionnaire in 1992.

Monitoring of the study lasted 11, low fat diet menu during which 267 subjects in the study developed a total of 664 basal cell tumors of the skin - the worlds most common skin cancer.

127 Other subjects have a total of 235 squamous cell tumors of the skin - the second most common form of skin cancer. These two forms of non - represent melanoma skin cancers for the majority of skin cancers . These are easily and successfully treated when detected early low fat diet menu .

The Australian study found that there was no significant association between the amount of fat a subject consumed each day and the overall risk or basal or squamous cell cancer .

However, if a subject has prior history of skin cancer, higher intake of total fat was associated with an increased risk nearly doubled in squamous cell cancers .

This supports a body of work that shows that skin cancers are former high-fat diet no-no.

Eating a low fat diet is not as difficult as you might think. First, be aware of what you put in your body.

Make a habit of reading food labels , low fat diet menu the monitor hidden in processed fats and baked goodies And do not neglect fats and oils used in cooking . Keep your goals realistic , low fat diet menu which means it is not cut at a time.

Be sure to keep your fridge and cupboards with healthy choices - whole grain pasta , low fat diet menu breads and cereals , low fat diet menu as well as lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

It can also work to make substitutions - lean cuts of meat , low fat diet menu adding more chicken or fish (once or twice a week ) , fresh vegetables and fruits to your menu . Always eat breakfast , helps keep blood sugar stable blood until lunch , low fat diet menu making you less likely to snack.

Water is very useful because it helps digestion and keeps you feeling fuller longer . It is also important to note the serving size in all your meals , which has become accustomed to seeing on restaurant plates is usually a little bigger than a real service .

Remember, the decision to choose a menu of low-fat diet does not mean depriving yourself. Some fat is good, and you can certainly enjoy a fun time to time, low fat diet menu but cut the unnecessary fats in your daily intake can certainly be helpful for patients with skin cancer , and the rest of us too.

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