Pre Diabetes Diet Plan

I went into my year, or rather , pre diabetic diet plan a year and a half ago physical two months. I was a little surprised to discover that my blood sugar got a little out of control. Well, pre diabetic diet plan not exactly a little but very unbalanced . My doctor gave me the news that he was now at the pre diabetic and the next stop was full blown diabetes .

A common side effect of high blood sugar is the addition of high triglycerides which I missed. Wow! For one year and midpoints. To make a long story short , pre diabetic diet plan my doctor told me the steps to follow to get rid of what he called a red flag. Lose 15 lbs, eat fish twice a week and cut as many carbohydrates as you can and take omega 3 supplements . I research and write on topics of their life. Pre diabetic diet plan so the first thing I did was jump on my computer and research pre diabetes . This subject had by far the most contradictory that I wanted to date information. Pre diabetic diet plan there were so many sources of information and few there were clear on how to reverse pre diabetes .

After a long search , pre diabetic diet plan I found a weight loss program I decided that I would try . I knew I had to do it right the first time because it was so close to becoming diabetic who could not afford any mistakes. I started a new project of life , pre diabetic diet plan better than the system I like that term, and added an exercise component . I have added a walk on a treadmill for my 30-35 minutes 6 days a week . I've lost 20 pounds so far and I hope to lose 10 more. My level of blood sugar fell from 6.7 to 5.6 , I still have much work to do , pre diabetic diet plan but I'm on the right track .

My new program is a balanced approach to weight loss and is a program that I know I can participate in a new lifestyle. Now eat to live a long and healthy life , pre diabetic diet plan not just lose weight. My pre diabetes diet focuses on protein and fiber and complex carbohydrates. Foods to avoid are refined breads , potatoes , pre diabetic diet plan most pasta and pastries. Do not have a molten mass below ! when I say that I mean I always avoid eating these foods, but more like a gift, like mashed potatoes with my turkey or scalloped potatoes with my ham. I ate two items and I am still losing weight and balancing blood sugar . Pre diabetic diet plan the key is moderation and exercise a little more the next day . When you eat protein like steak or chicken and pork stay to a serving the size of a deck of cards.

If you like the bread that I can not say I buy sprouted grain breads they have half the carbs that whole wheat bread contains . Pre diabetic diet plan carbohydrates are found in foods like bread and pasta and starchy foods like potatoes raise blood sugar very quickly if you really must limit these foods as much as possible. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of my diet.

I have a family history of diabetes. My father died some time after suffering the effects of diabetes. Pre diabetic diet plan i will not go into too many details apart from what started off members of poor circulation . My brother was diagnosed with pre diabetes 2 years ago. He has not started a diet plan pre diabetes right away, pre diabetic diet plan and now supports daily injections and the ugly side effects.

I looked around to feel the effects of diabetes and if I can save one person from this experience is all it takes . Start a weight loss program or should I say a way of life for the current program . Diabetes knocks on your door , pre diabetic diet plan telling him to leave .

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