Low Carb Low Fat Diet Myths Revisited

Magazines, low carb low fat diet newspapers and even websites write about new miraculous ways to lose weight all the time. And each time the method for achieving your goal is another . What the article does not mention is the fact that all who have lost weight with one of these methods won again a few weeks later. What can you do to lose weight effectively ? We live in an era of cheap food with high energy density is available everywhere . I recommend a low-carb , low carb low fat diet low-fat diet. This is the weight loss plan that had the most success with . But attention . There is much misinformation on the subject. In this article I will try to dispel the myths of weight loss more common .

    Myth 1 : The products of "diet" makes you thin , as they contain less carbohydrates.Of sure that these products have fewer calories .  low carb low fat diet That's what they say , right? What they do not tell you is that these foods do not fill the stomach to eat more of them . Also, your body is not good to digest synthetic additives in these foods that turn into body fat.
    Myth 2 : Sugar makes you fat . Do not eat . Nobody can live without sugar. Starch, your body converts to sugar , low carb low fat diet is part of many foods. You can cut the carbs and fat on a low carb diet fat easily and safely . A sugar-free diet ,low carb low fat diet it can even be dangerous , low carb low fat diet as it is the only energy source for the brain.
    Myth 3 : Eat several small meals a day . This strategy only works if an adequate number of calories used . Three or five meals consumed not care.
    Myth 4 : The best way to lose weight is to simply eat less. You can lose weight by eating less , low carb low fat diet but it can seriously affect your health . Always be careful to get enough vitamins and fiber.
    Myth 5 : The fat makes you fat . Do not eat at all. Refrain from fat can be deadly. Your body needs fatty acids for metabolism low carb low fat diet.
    Myth 6 : When you exercise or work, you can eat what you want . The sport is definitely good for burning calories low carb low fat diet .

These are the most common myths when it comes to losing weight. Avoid these pitfalls and you are on a weight loss - round. As I said before a low carb low fat diet is the way to go . Do not choose a fad diet promises fast results in something solid that could really change your lifestyle .

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