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The fitness equipment Weider brand shares its name with the name of the famous Joseph E. Weider bodybuilder who co- founded the IFBB Mr. Olympia contest created and published several popular fitness magazines . However, the Weider fitness equipment has no relationship with the company for Weider nutrition and global health, freemotion fitness with the exception of the name, and is the exclusive property of ICON Health and Fitness, freemotion fitness Inc.

The ICON employs over 2,500 employees in nine locations worldwide , freemotion fitness located in Logan , Utah. The company has taken firm in the fitness industry and has conquered the world with many famous brands in the specialty club , exercise and sports equipment. Founded in 1977 as Weslo , Inc. to manufacture kitchenware and housewares company has expanded considerably during the eighties , when there was a revolution in the fitness industry . The famous Weider Health and Fitness have on them in 1988 and expanded the business of manufacturing fitness equipment , but were released after two years in some of Bain Capital , freemotion fitness Inc. Boston. They invented new name ICON Health and Fitness, Inc. Later, freemotion fitness ICON expanded with the acquisition of the brand and later Nordic Track FreeMotion Fitness, freemotion fitness Inc. to add to its range of products for quality home and commercial fitness form .

The wide range of amenities such as ICON treadmills, elliptical fitness , freemotion fitness exercise bikes and weights in both domestic and commercial uses specialized in various famous brands. They are NordicTrack , ProForm , Weider , Healthrider , premotion fitness , image, Weslo , Epic , Reebok, Gold's Gym and iFit freemotion fitness .

The Weider brand specializes in weight training equipment . They trust for 25 years in the manufacture of high quality Banks, all- in-one and other weight training equipment that will surely give quality performance Weider . Kettle Bells, dumbbells, freemotion fitness home gyms and relevant training products come under this brand power freemotion fitness .

Weider Weider Powerbell £ 40 and £ 20 Powerbell are adjustable kettle bells weight that can be customized for different types of workouts. The SpaceSaver ® design increases its utility and log mode and Elite Fitness DVD comes with them. How are you plates adjustable kettle bells to lose water weight, freemotion fitness but also used for weight training . Weider Powermax is the free weight accessory that comes with the special door for the formation process of multiple mobile push -up and two are based Abs and straps. ROSE Fitness Kit unit comes with no weight plates , freemotion fitness manual, revised and accessories for women weight training abnormal.

Weider Home Gym Series has several specialized as Weider X -Factor ( WXF09 ) that can be used commercially and come with a lifetime warranty products. The home version is WXF092 which was modified from the model WXF09 to house a great seat with backrest . Weider Club Bench , freemotion fitness Weider Weider Club C720 System 8980 W System and other models popular home gym .

Models Weider weight bench is 220 W , 290 W Weider club , club Sidekick , Weider club 190 bank , Banco Pro 250 Combo Set and the most popular in this category Pro 230 Bench.

The most popular products are the result of Weider power resistor and Total Body Works 5000 and has advanced investment ClubTM InvertSelect (TM ) features and AxisSelect (TM ) to adjust the rotation and the center of gravity system for excellent practice exercises investment are the most popular among them. Others in this category are Weider 290 Power Tower Weider 390 Power Tower and freemotion fitness .

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