The 21-Day Detox Diet - Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Why Detox ?

A detox diet 21 -dat they need to replace their usual food with plenty of fresh vegetables , fruits and whole grain products , 21 day detox diet and to replace what you normally drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea. If you do not think you can handle these radical changes in the three-week detox diet 21 days, 21 day detox diet you should forget abut start until you know that your body and mind can manage the scheme.

Attempt to complete a test diet 21 day detox more than you can imagine , especially if your diet is based on a foundation of junk food for a while. 21 day detox diet if you find the process of detoxification more than you can go to the nearest fast food and start loading in saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and sugary sodas fat again . It also feels like a failure and it may be some time before you decide to start working on your eating habits again 21 day detox diet.

You can choose from several different plans 21-day detox diet . But before you decide which one is best for you , 21 day detox diet a complete physical examination . Unless your doctor tells you its good , you should not try to detox if you have problems pancreas, thyroid , liver, heart or kidneys 21 day detox diet.


There may be more to your diet program detox 21-day simply changing your eating habits. 21 day detox diet Some programs offer educational workshops where you can learn about:

* Shopping and preparing healthy foods ;
* Based Medicine nutritionally ;
* The fasting as a form of therapy , colon cleansing ;
* Test the pH of your body, and
* Digestive Health and stimulate enzymes

Detox Diet Steps

You may find that your detox diet is 21 days in a week stages , during which the types of food you eat can change. During the first seven days , 21 day detox diet you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables (organic is always recommended ) Just leave your body , 21 day detox diet which may have not seen a time to readjust them. Eating this way will reduce the risk of ingesting toxic animal products and may reduce the intake of toxins as much as half .

Your detox diet 21 days is almost certainly specific menus to follow , 21 day detox diet and in the next seven days , you will enter the stage of live food to eat fresh raw food and two " smoothies" daily , 21 day detox diet digestible mixed drinks. It will provide you with a list of new acceptable organic living foods to reduce cravings for refined foods and increase the intake of nutrients.

During the last week of his 21-day detox , 21 day detox diet consuming only liquids, so that your digestive system can rest and your body can heal itself at the cellular level . It will change to more solid foods vegetable smoothies, and receive psychological support you need to get through the week. This week diet will also provide suggestions for a healthy diet once your detox diet program is 21 days 21 day detox diet.

If you try a detox diet for 21 days, 21 day detox diet will also benefit from relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation , and study of the chakra system to understand how body systems are interrelated .

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