But Isn't Meat Protein Superior to Plant Protein?

Have you ever thought that the meat protein was superior to vegetable protein, and I had to eat meat protein for the "complete " protein for health and fitness?

And the only way you could get protein called "complete" plant food had to mix and match some sources of plant food plant fitness ?

This is certainly not what we have all been brought up to believe , right? Indeed , most Americans, to this day, still believe in the superiority and the absolute necessity of animal protein for health and fitness plant fitness.

Despite what industries eggs, dairy products, meat, and our government and many experts have told us all these years, plant fitness the meat protein is superior to vegetable protein : protein is protein is protein is a protein , irrespective of protein source provides plant fitness .

If it is an essential amino acid , plant fitness the basic component of protein is provided by a plant or animal, is the same amino acid .

Moreover, contrary to what most people accept as truth, we do not have to mix and match vegetable protein to a protein called "complete" plant fitness .

If you have any questions about how to get enough protein through plant foods , plant fitness just look at the animal kingdom.

How many elephants, cows , horses, giraffes, monkeys eat cows , plant fitness chicken or fish to get enough protein ?

How many of these large mammals mix and match sources of plant foods for complete proteins ?

If these animals with great big , plant fitness strong muscles can eat a plant-based diet , not many who , and get plenty of protein, plant fitness so can we .

When in doubt , look to nature for answers , not for people or industries that have an economic interest in certain food sources, plant fitness such as industries of meat, eggs, dairy products , sugar and cereals.
You may be familiar with the popular book in the 1970s , plant fitness Diet for a Small Planet . This promoted the theory book that we have to mix and match plant proteins to obtain " complete" proteins , such as eating rice and beans together in the same meal.

Here's an interesting fact that you may not have considered.

The author of this book , Frances Moore Lappe, canceled his theory of "mix- and-match" in early 1980 . She said she had unintentionally misled your readers. He acknowledged the fact that we do actually enough protein by eating a variety of plant foods , plant fitness without consciously combine certain plant foods in a meal.

You wonder why you have never heard of that vegetable protein sources are complete in themselves ? Maybe it has something to do with the power of commercial interest groups .

The World Health Organization recommends that diets are made up of proteins 5 % - that's all.

Oranges have lots of protein - 8%. Romano has a lot of protein - 34 %. Oatmeal has a lot of protein - 15%. Brown rice (8 % protein ) , melon (9 % ) , carrots (10 % ) , cucumbers (24 % ) , tomatoes (16 % ) , spinach (49 % ) , broccoli (33 % ) - all fruits and vegetables , whole grains and fresh beans are high in protein to human health and fitness.

The fact is that it is sometimes difficult to know the truth above the noise of the egg , milk and meat, cultural norm industries, and our own commitment to the food we have learned to love eating .

But if you listen carefully with an open mind , plant fitness which increasingly will become adept at sorting the true from the false.

More importantly , you become more aware , you consciously make healthier food and life reward health and fitness , comfort , mobility , joy , hope and purpose.

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